France is a marvelous place.

La Tour Eiffel, berets, love locks, et plus.  

While they created crêpes, we made them stunning masterpieces and shared them with our friends.

Our Story

Sweet Paris was founded in Houston in 2012 with one simple mission: to revive the art of eating crêpes. After traveling the world trying different versions of this popular street food, our founders saw an opportunity to bring the crêpe to the casual dining market. Though relatively inexpensive and simple to prepare, the crêpe was undeniably delicious and elevated in feel, and could be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, snack time, dinner or dessert with the right mix of quality ingredients. Plus, the cultural cache of the dish lent itself to an elevated brand with worldly appeal.

Core Values

Sweet Paris was founded on nine core values that engrain every aspect of our brand. It starts with family. It is a family owned business and we treat all of our guests, team members and franchise partners as such. We know we can't do it all, that's why we invest in team member development. Those that bring a positive attitude, provide extraordinary value, who are accountable and work with integrity thrive in our guest-centric culture. We also realize that our success depends on replicating our superior service by consistently providing the highest quality products, atmosphere, and experience, in an immaculately clean restaurant.  


Our Philosophy

At Sweet Paris, life is for enjoying.  Every day - and every bit - is an opportunity to savor all that's good in the world. We celebrate this philosophy by making beautiful crêpes, each a stunning masterpiece in its own right, and serving them in an irresistibly charming setting. It's no surprise this artful approach has garnered us prime visibility on social media and a loyal fan base. We've developed a high brand recognition within within the greater Houston area, but our proven track record translates to diverse markets, including Mexico.

Eat Here, Feed There

We are reminded constantly that there are children in every community in need of food. Inspired by successful for-profit businesses with built-in social causes, we decided to fight hunger with hunger and pledged that Sweet Paris crêpes will be a champion for this cause. We made ourselves a promise to fulfill this mission and call it Eat Here, Feed There™.  The program donates a portion of select crêpes that are designated on the menu to benefit local organizations in the fight against childhood hunger. All organizations are carefully vetted by us to ensure they meet the requirements of being a good charitable partner.